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Active Harmonic Filter - MAVROS

Active Harmonic Filters Manufacturer and Supplier

User selectable priority adjustment between Harmonics, PF correction and Load unbalance compensation.
Selective harmonics filtering - Up to 9 selected Harmonics. User defined harmonic spectrum or with auto selection of highest harmonics on supply system.
Reactive power compensation per individual phase Enable/Disable with target PF setting from 0.7 Capacitive to 0.7 Inductive.
Load Unbalance compensation- Enable/Disable with limit settings.
Additional filter for reduced PWM ripple current (< 2% pk-pk)
Closed loop control system for precise and effective compensation with high speed reaction time of < 300 micro-Second and response time of about one supply mains cycle.
Unique Algorithm with current source pulse width modulation (PWM) giving high reliability of the operation to work under adverse supply PQ problems.
Filtering efficiency > 94%.
Wide range rating from 15Amp to 300 Amp in a single cubicle.
Supports Modular master/slave configuration for expansion.
Direct connection from 200 to 500V AC.
Graphical color LCD display for various electrical parameter information in text and graphical format. Displays harmonic spectrum bar graph and current waveforms (Load and source side)
User friendly 7-keys keyboard for Display / Settings / Menu navigation and control.
Communication module optionally available for SCADA system communication through various channels like RS-232, RS-485 (Mod-Bus-RTU & ASCII), LAN (TCP-IP), GSM/GPRS, Wi-Fi.

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